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Everyone can shop online!

The Rêv Visa Internet Card is a prepaid Visa card number that can be used to shop securely online or over the phone in Vietnam and around the world wherever Visa is accepted. You won't get a plastic card, only a 16-digit number displayed to you on the website. Find out some of the online shopping sites where you can shopwith your Rêv Visa Internet Card.

It’s Prepaid

The Rêv Visa Internet Card is a prepaid card so you don't need a bank account or credit card. Just load value, activate your card and then shop on the internet until your prepaid funds are used up. When shopping online it works just like a Visa debit card or credit card, but as it’s prepaid there’s no credit checks, no interest payments and almost anyone can get one.

Manage Multiple Cards

As a Rêv Visa Internet Card user it’s simple to purchase and manage multiple cards under one account. When one card is used up simply visit a participating merchant to purchase another.

Accepted in Vietnam and worldwide wherever Visa is accepted on the internet
Shop securely online
No bank account or credit card needed
Manage multiple cards. Balances and transaction history 24/7
Control online spending

How it works

Using your virtual Visa Internet Card is simple

1. Your 16-digit Rêv Visa Internet Card number will be displayed on a secure web page when you activate your card. If you already have a card number login to your Account to view it now.

2. When shopping online or by phone your card works just like any other debit card or credit card would. To complete your purchase you will be asked:

This is the first name and last name you entered when you registered for your Rêv Internet Account.

Card Number 
This is your unique 16-digit card number.

Expiration Date 
The month and the year (MM/YY) when your card expires. You can login to your Rêv Internet Account at any time to view them.

Security Code (CVV2 or CVC2) 
Most online merchants will ask for this 3-digit code. You can login to your Rêv Internet Account at any time to view them.

Billing Address 
Some merchants will ask for this information. This is the postal address registered against your Rêv Internet Account.

3. Track your transactions and check your card balance at any time by logging into your Rêv Internet Account. We provide the answers to frequently asked questions on our Help page.

Each Rêv Visa  Internet Card can be loaded only once. A purchase price of 30.000 VND applies. Load values may be restricted at certain participating merchants. 
A valid email address, Vietnamese mobile phone number and access to the internet are required to activate a Rêv Visa Internet Card.

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Google Adwords account 
will not be banned 
because you paid Google for the opening fee by a Visa card and you got real balance for your Ads to be display immediately.

Verify Paypal by Virtual Credit cards

with balance of 5 USD you can verify your PP account and others

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